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Primadonna Girl, yeah…image

Track: Black Widow
Artist: Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora
Album: The New Classic


Iggy Azalea || Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora)

With the release of Iggy’s debut album it seems appropriate to post one of my favorite tracks. Let me begin by saying wow, this album really blew me away, so much so I think I’m going to write an album review at some point probably this weekend. But anyway, “Black Widow” is one of the many tracks off “The New Classic” that showcases Iggy’s talent and lyrical ability. She’s come a long way, she’s worked hard, and it shows. If you’re looking for a raw melodic tune about relationships that you can still party to, then this is the track.


Nolan Funk for Versace


he’s making it hop

this is the only thing I care about

My favorite part of this photo is that there is absolutely no reason for Jason Segel to be in it and yet there he is laying on Seth Rogen


when i’m alone and i sneeze i always say bless me thank me cause it’s the right thing to do


when he buys you the coat u wanted

Lady Gaga at the 2013 AMAs




He has Monsters inc. on his shirt.

She has Nemo on her dress.

Violet has murder in her eyes. 


sure it’s bad but like we don’t know this squirrel’s LIFE